"To affect the quality of the day is the highest of Arts"

by Henry David Thoreau

...For me, that's what I feel I'm doing when I practice yoga

Yoga Walton



Pay by donation, during the C-virus whatever you can afford.

Suggestion £5 £10 or £13

If you are unemployed looking for work, it can be free 

1. Register using the link below

2. Receive confirmation email with payment details. 

3. Pay by online bank transfer or via paypal.me

Visit FAQ page for questions like:

What's Vinyasa vs Hatha yoga? 

What if I'm a complete beginner?

What if I have an injury? 

Is yoga a form of religion?

For the flexibles & the inflexibles !!


Online Zoom classes

TUESDAYS 6pm-7:15 pm- Vinyasa Flow. Open to all levels, beginners welcome.

SUNDAYS 5:30pm Young adults 16-28 Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Hybrid class. Zoom and limited spaces at my home studio. 

In person new classes  at 1st Weybridge Scouts Hut, off Baker Street, 20 Springfield Lane Weybridge, KT13 8AW

MONDAYS 5-6pm Yoga for sports

SATURDAYS 10:30am Vinyasa

PREBOOK before 9:30am VIA WhatsApp 07703-129723 or email

Also David Lloyd Brooklands

FRIDAYS 6:15pm-7:00pm (Members only)


Age 16-28. Whether you are super bendy or can't touch your toes, yoga may just turn out to be one of the coolest gifts to yourself!  A life-long-tool to manage stress, to build both physical AND mental strength, balance and flexibility. If you are an athlete, it's also fantastic for athletic development, as so many top sportsmen and women are confirming. 

Online Sundays 5:30-6:00pm



At my home studio in Weybridge. A chance to ask all the questions you want, have my undivided attention, address any personal challenges, whether physical or mental, adjust your alignment and muscle use, ask meditation or philosophy questions.  The 2m distancing applies  (photo was taken pre-covid :) and the sliding doors can be open or closed 



£45 per hour. Concessions available for youth <25 or job-seekers.  Beginners joining a class can have an introductory 1-2-1 half price




Online or in-person.  Once a month or once a week or a one-off, a chance to address whatever themes your employees need to avoid burnout and feel cared for. Example themes include


- Yoga for back-care, or for shoulder opening etc.

- General body MOT 

- Breathing Techniques for regulating stress response 

and/or Life themes

- The Dharma code for a purposeful life  (4 lessons)

- Equanimity - keeping cool in adverse situations

- Dealing with emotions

- Starting a daily meditation practice

- Starting a daily breathing practice

The image is an example for a biomed company who wanted a change from annual monthly quiz sessions to keep their employees connected. 

We did a taster together, got great feedback and I'm now teaching once a month.  They feel a bit more cared for, and they get some skills for life along the way - a win win.

I would discuss your needs, and we'd tailor a session or a sequence eg. 6 week corporate yoga course or monthly wellness sessions 


"I used to get really short of breath from anxiety and after a few 1 to 1's, with breathing exercises and some yoga postures I've learned to manage it and it's no longer an issue. I have been doing yoga with Florentia for a year and have loved every session. I have really noticed a positive difference in both my mind and body"

LT - age 22

"Florentia's class is my weekly 'fix', I always feel so much better afterwards and her voice is so so soothing"

JB - age 55

" I normally don't like having a cover teacher when I turn up at my regular David Lloyd class but Florentia's sessions are thoughtful and different  - she has something special as a yoga teacher"   

CJ - age 38

"Thanks Florentia, that was sooo good I’m actually glowing! I think my body really needed that and my mind certainly did! "                                                                                          PP- Age Silver Surfer


Every 6 weeks if you're a regular student or twice a year if you just want to be "in the loop"