Workshops & Retreats



For Young Adults 16-28

2 hours - Date TBD

24th October 2020 - completed 

Online zoom 

What is a skilled mind?   One that can focus for more than a few seconds before checking the phone, one that can catch negative thought patterns or anger/fear triggers, recover quickly from setbacks,  one that can recognise signs in the body, and the list goes on.

Just like we go to gym to work our muscles, there are yoga techniques, invaluable for strengthening our mind,  a bit like a mind 'work-out' that give us skilled control over our state of contentment.

How can yoga help us manage growing anxieties and find perspective? Covid, unemployment, global warming, social media toxicity, fake news etc. Is the world actually going to pots? There are practical, evidence based tools and techniques waiting to be learned, but it's not like one yoga class will 'make you live happily ever after' !  This may be just the start of a rich lifelong practice, that bears amazing fruits along the way to help you regain perspective, to feel comfortable in your skin and feel more in control of your state of mind. 

The 2 hour workshop will include some yoga asanas for clearing negative or anxious energy, group and individual exercises including breathing techniques & meditation, to explore practical tools, and ancient wisdom from yoga philosophy to help us through difficult times.  

Don't worry if you're a complete beginner with yoga/meditation.  Expect to leave empowered to pay your mind the attention it deserves. 


By Donation - Tier suggestions £10 fully employed,  £5 student or self-employed,   £1 unemployed or skint.......please pay in advance using the Donate button below.

2021 TBD

Go-Deeper workshops are a chance to spend a longer yoga class, to grow a bit deeper, and connect with your local community

Live! at 1st Weybridge Scouts Hut, 20 Sprinfield Lane, Weybridge (off baker street)

10 spaces social distanced

In this workshop we'll explore and grow our practice, according to a theme eg. dealing with unwanted emotions, with a combination of asanas for strong emotions, a bit of yoga philosophy, discussion, as well as individual exercises & meditation.

Expect to leave lighter!!! 

BY DONATION - Suggest £15 or lower tiers £10 £5 £0  if money's tight

You don't have to be a regular yogi to attend :) 

Keeping employees well and happy

Tailormade to client needs

Once a month or once a week or a one-off, a chance to address whatever your employees need to stay sane in challenging tt imes working from home.

This was an example for a biomed company who wanted a change from annual monthly quiz sessions to keep their employees connected. 

I would discuss your needs, and we'd tailor a session or a sequence eg. 6 week corporate yoga course or monthly wellness sessions 


1 hr. Date to be scheduled


Tips about what, how, when, where and how to overcome the most common 'obstacles' 

Expecy to leave fully motivated to start what is probably one of the most important useful habits of your life.

PAYMENT: By Donation - Tier suggestions £10 fully employed,  £5 student, £ Free unemployed

30 day Pranayama breathing techniques challenge

June 2021- completed

Next date tbd

I send you a video every day, and we check-in regularly.  Just a 5-20 minutes every morning and/or eve it would have such great benefits, (mind-clearing, balance, immune system, lung capacity etc)

PAYMENT: By Donation 


2 hrs. Date to be scheduled


The yogi way of looking at your Aims of Life (Parushartha), a bit like a life-coach's  'life wheel', to see where the balance is off and what goals to set. But most imporantly, how do we 'make our luck' and start paying attention to our intentions in everything we do, so we can find our true purpose (Dharma)? So that we don't get to the 'destination' and find we missed the whole journey or followed the crowd.

PAYMENT: By Donation - Tier suggestions £15 fully employed,  £7 student, £ Free unemployed


No retreats scheduled at this time. If you'd like to be kept informed please sign up to newsletter

Meanwhile, here's some teachers/venues I really rate that you can see if they have retreats on.  What's lovely now with Zoom is you can try people out before you commit to a retreat. 

Dhanakosha Buddhist Retreat- Scotland. This is where I did my first weeklong retreat, which was quite lifechanging about 15 years ago.  Meditation, yoga, philosophy, freedom to reflect, experience silence, meet people from all walks of life, walk in amazing scenery. Refreshingly non-dogmatic and modest.  Good if you're on a budget.

Alicia Ruiz Bustos & Didier Fernades.  Wonderful authentic, experienced, intuitive couple that run yoga and detox retreats in India, Brazil, Spain and Portugal. 

Ruth McNeil. A local, true yogi on and off the mat, experienced, caring, knowlegeable. 

Mimi Kuo Deemer. One of my Teacher Training teachers. Combines yoga with QiQong. Experienced, authentic and knowledgeable. 

Bridget Woods Kramer - Again, years of experience and a real pro.

Jeff Phenix - If you want strong sweaty practices

Karen John. A local, experienced teacher, very caring and knowledgeable

and many many more.... 

Alexandra Cat - The Yoga Clinic for students suffering from Complex Relational Trauma or Complex PTSD